FTCL x Donny Conrad - "Burning River"


June 22, 1969, the Cuyahoga River burst into flames in Cleveland, OH. It was not the first time it had happened in Cleveland's past. I thought it would be more interesting to say this instance was started by a dude kickstarting his Panhead — which the backfire from his exhaust pipes set all the bike's leaked oil on fire.

The truth is the water was in fact polluted with a ton of oil, toxic sewage and other flammable materials that the smallest sparks from a train passing over a bridge ignited the river. The flames where put out faster than photos could be taken of the event, but it raised awareness all over the country to take better care of its water and since then Cleveland has risen from the ashes over time and has become one of the more popular up and coming cities in America.

Without mistakes we would learn nothing in life. The "Burning River" is a symbol of just that. Don't run or hide from your mistakes, embrace them, learn from them, and conquer them. Rise from the ashes and be something brilliant, beautiful and amazing.
Big thanks to Donny Conrad for his brilliant artistic talents and making this vision come to life.

Men/unisex sizes available.